Our values

Paint and colour are our passion. We want to use that passion to make your world more beautiful. We are proud of the sustainable quality of our paint products and services. We aim to continue combining a healthy profit with great respect for people and the environment.

It is our dream to work with all our customers, staff and partners on a professional and personal level, including you.

“A team that comes together as a close-knit family.” Toon Bossuyt – CEO BOSS paints
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Successful together

Everyone at BOSS paints helps to build a beautiful world based on their own passion. It is our common motivation and the essence of our business. And we will achieve that beautiful world not only with colour, but also by doing business sustainably, with a focus on the future, something we have been doing for many years now. For three generations we, as a family, have invested all of our positive energy in this great company.

But we are a family business in several respects. BOSS paints owes its success over the years to the engagement of all our staff. It is they who believe in our principles and convey what we want to stand for. A team that comes together as a close-knit family. We want to create a warm environment based on trust for our customers, use all our knowledge to make a high-quality product, create a pleasant working atmosphere for every employee, look after our planet and continue to do all this in a financially healthy manner.

And at BOSS paints sustainability is not just hype. Because respect is in our genes. My grandfather, Antoon Bossuyt, really looked after his staff: he would take them to the seaside or to the football. And Jan Bossuyt had a very environmentally conscious vision all the way back in the early ’70s. BOSS paints has always been managed responsibly, with due care.

Toon Bossuyt – CEO of BOSS paints

Five values as a guide

Our mission is very firmly anchored in five values that we use as a guide and standard.

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We want to create a warm community with our customers. To make customers happy. Every customer is given a unique service formula, whether they are a tradesman, a member of the public, or an independent paint and decorating shop.

We want to build a solid and trusting partnership. To make our customers proud of their wonderful work results and our partnership together.

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Quality is a very broad term. We take responsibility for providing the best possible service throughout, to enable a flawless end result. We do that by offering top-quality paint products, painting accessories and services. These paint products meet the expectations of both the painter and the end customer, in terms of durability as well as colour accuracy.

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Together, making dreams come true. The satisfaction of our staff is highly important to us. Engaged and motivated employees tend to bring out the very best in themselves, and that is our aim. For BOSS paints and equally for the people. We want our staff to be able to generate positive energy within the company and in their personal, day-to-day lives.

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Our company wants to achieve beautiful things for people and the world they live in, but without damaging that world in the process. We are continually working to reduce the environmental impact of our company.

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Profitability is not a goal in itself but a prerequisite for pursuing all the other values. Profits help us to continue our story, so that we can meet stringent requirements, so that we can invest in customers, quality, people and the environment, so that we can run a sustainable enterprise.